Burial and grave


Everything about the burial and equipment of the grave site (gravestone, inscription, planting,...) as well as an "altar" at home.

My beloved wife is buried in the Potsdam-Bornstedt cemetery. This is part of the overall ensemble of Sanssouci Palace. The listed area is the resting place of Lenne, Persius and Sello. My wife chose her tomb three days before her death - she also chose the inscription.

Here I become a hobby botanist also concerning hardy and colored (!) planting.

Good experience with Christmas roses, heather, false berries (red), skimmia (white/red), Camelia Japonica (hardy), rhododendron, primroses (when it is not so cold anymore).

The other day I met a lady at the cemetery who always goes to "Gabi" with other women because the grave is so beautifully planted. Joy!

Also planted a small spruce (good for Christmas decorations).

Otherwise, I am very creative for summer planting with roses (perennial), lilies, hollyhocks (mallows - great!), hyacinths, hydrangeas (perennial), lavender (loved my wife, is also hardy), rosemary (hardy).

Candles & Grave Lights
Furthermore, I gave my beloved wife a (full) bottle of our favorite champagne, Augustiner Hefeweizen, Kuchlbauer Hefeweizen from Abensberg (about 60 km south of Regensburg with Hundertwasser tower, Gabi loved that...) as well as a wonderfully kitschy snow globe with Manhattan skyline, which plays a mechanism with "New York, New York" by Sinatra.

At home, I set up a little altar with photos, candles, and her favorite ornaments. The candles (see above) are always lit when I'm home!

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