Friends & Supporters


The most important thing of all.

I have received support and comfort from people I haven't heard from or seen in some cases decades (not expected comfort) - on the other hand disappointed by people I would have expected more from right now and who just don't hear from me.

I spend important days (six months dead, or nine months buried, Gabi's birthday, our wedding anniversary, Christmas/New Year's....) not alone, but with and at friends. So I invite friends to dinner at my house; the preparation and - of course - the execution distract me wonderfully.

In addition, on the first anniversary of Gabi's death on june 12th, I organized a requiem with deliberately many friends (whom I had actually invited to our silver wedding anniversary). With a graveside visit, church (three songs by Aretha Franklin will be played on the organ) and afterwards pasta & pizza at our favorite Italian restaurant in Berlin-Gatow.

Lots of work but also nice distraction.