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An underrated effort. This is where you should reflect your ideas for recycling your loved one's personal belongings.

Many "things" collected over the years have no (significant) material value. Find people, associations, initiatives... who want to take up these collections in a dignified way, continue them and open them to interested people. This brings joy there and thus also with you....

My wife has built up a wonderful art collection that I can house and preserve - beautifully - on the four-meter walls of my apartment. What a beautiful memory! My wife loved beautiful clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, hats & caps. It's a task that really keeps me on my toes. I gave a small portion of her clothing to the local Arbeiterwohlfahrt and the Berliner Stadtmission as well as to our Oxfam store.

A small part I will keep as a memory. I still give to friends personally - it is important to me that your clothes are further used and bring joy.

Applies mutatis mutandis also to your accessories. So I organize a requiem, in the context of which I give Gabi's costume jewelry, handbags and hats to girlfriends. Even if this process takes a long time....

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