Perspectives - reinventing yourself

Perspektiven - sich neu erfinden

"Grief is the price of having the courage to love someone" Irvin D. Yalom

This is a challenge that is as important as it is exhausting. How often I hear "it goes on" ....

This portal is a way for me to live my deep grief (I don't want to talk about "coping"; I don't think I can).

My wife was also my business partner. For many clients we were the "dream team" in our events - more than 120 we organized and held together nationally and internationally. She took care of organizational details that were often annoying for me and welcomed as well as looked after the participants. A great division of labor, which we lived at our events all over Europe, in Dubai and six times in Philadelphia & New York!

Your grave saying is motivation and obligation for me. Therefore, I continue the life work we built together (forums also online) as well as my baby boomer portal "cannobe", all of which I openly dedicate to my beloved wife - I show and communicate my grief very openly.

I remain curious and open to new things. Do not want to despair. This is certainly not what my wife wanted.

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