General terms and conditions

1. basics

Withoutu brings together bereaved families who have lost their loved ones for exchange and mutual support. Therefore, the authenticity of the "members" is particularly important. We will contact you to verify this and have also asked for this in the profile creation.

If we find abuse in the sense of deception, this will lead to the immediate irrevocable deletion of the profile without refund of the fee.

2. dignity

We ask our members to be dignified when actively addressing others according to the circumstances.

3. cost contribution

Our fee is USD 450 once/one time payment. This cost contribution is requested once (one time only) for a membership not limited in time - further fees will not be charged. We will inform you about our bank details when we accept your membership. If you wish, you will of course receive an invoice or receipt!

We will not send you a reminder if you do not make the payment. Approximately four weeks after your confirmation, we will assume that your interest in participation has lapsed and will delete your entry accordingly.

Grief counselors of any kind and their institutions from the church, foundations, initiatives, aid organizations of any kind, Malteser, Johanniter, Rotary, Lions... and caregivers in palliative care (thanks to the ambulance team Potsdam) are our guests without cost contribution!